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標題: Chanel bags The procedures you must do if you apply to study in different countr [打印本頁]

作者: letyng0559    時間: 2013-5-30 17:34     標題: Chanel bags The procedures you must do if you apply to study in different countr

The procedures you want to do whenever you affect study in several countries will also be different. In general, you'll find the next procedures:
1: Inquiry
You should check the institution data via a variety of ways, for example writing or while using the
2: Application
Write request on the school seeking the enrollment forms, application forms, scholarship application form as well as other school materials.
Applicants should normally be sent 10 months ahead of the semester begins so that universities may have enough time to study the admission and supporting documents.
3: Application form
Before completing the necessary paperwork, you'd probably better create a copy. When you complete and correct then you can certainly complete the formal application .Before completing, be sure to look at instructions carefully in order to avoid missing some important content.
Be sure you complete the application form neatly and continue to answer each question to completely.
4: Score report of ordinary tests
Provide TOEFL, GRE,, GMAT or IELTS and other achievements.
If you wish to affect the United States to study you need to provide TOEFL scores.
Singapore should consider studying TOEFL, or submit an application for the nation's University of Singapore Nanyang Technological University graduate, the only way to test TOEFL, and the score of 580 or higher.
5: Transcript
Graduate application should be accompanied by college transcripts. Together with Chinese and English transcripts, you also should sent your speed and agility certificate.
6: Copies and notarization of graduation and degree certificates
You must generally provide diploma and degree certificates in English plus a copy of their certificate.
7: Lertters of reference
Most schools require applicants to deliver 2 or 3 references. Recommendations is recommended to the basic situation, achievements, including academic, research, and access to rewards.
8ersonal statement
Personal statement plays an important role for the scholarship.
9: Affidavit of support
10: Health form or certificate
Schools are required to provide on the general experience with the table.
11: Application for accommodation
Some universities have given a lot of students the living on campus, and a few freedom of preference. If you plan to call home on campus,,you must apply early, plus some schools demand a deposit to guarantee reservation preparing the dormitory room.
12: Official application
All application materials submitted together with the application fee using the selected schools.
13: Admission
If admission enables, the candidate will get notification of college enrollment and visa application for admittance to schools,Chanel bags online, like the UK's IM2A form.
Good luck ACE-
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